Complete Documents List

Your particular circumstances will determine which documents we’ll need from you.  Following is a pretty exhaustive list:

  • Ratified Contract
  • Driver’s License – All borrowers
  • Bank statements – any accounts used for this transaction including if funds transferred
      • 2 months
      • All pages – even if blank
  • Paystubs – 30 days / most recent (3 paystubs if paid every 2 weeks)
  • Federal Tax forms – 2013 and 2014 (and 2015 if completed prior to closing)
    • All schedules (Schedule A, C, etc)
  • Sign and date the above Tax Forms – Required for underwriting
  • W-2s – 2013, 2014, and 2015
  • 1099s – 2013, 2014, and 2015 for your retirement, self-employment, or investment income – if any
  • Most recent Award Letters – for your retirement income
    • Typically given to you when you retire and each year
  • Name and contact details for:
    • HR Contact at work –
    • Direct Supervisor –
    • Provide the name and contact details for current landlord, along with the amount you pay –
  • Check for Appraisal written to Integrity Home Mortgage – typically $500
  • Let me know who your insurance company is, your agent, and a telephone number or town
    • Call now to get quotes and decide soon who you’ll use
  • Let them know you’re buying/refinancing this house, Integrity will do the mortgage, and the planned closing date.
    • (I recommend Jenn Neal from Partlow Insurance – Winchester)
  • If there is a mismatch between your current address and the address on your driver’s license, federal tax forms, W2s or pay stubs write a brief memo explaining the discrepancy.


  • Explanation of recent credit inquiries
    • We will prepare a memo explaining the purpose of the inquiries and whether a new account was established – you can then make changes if needed and sign and date.
  • Document child support or alimony paid by or to you
  • Gift Letter
    • I will prepare the gift letter for you and the donor to sign
    • Please do NOT transfer the funds into your account at this time
  • Documentation showing the likely payment for your student loans when they come out of deferment.
    • Typically can be obtained online on your account or with phone call to bank.

If VA loan:

  • DD-214 if Discharged or Statement of Service if Active Duty
  • Copy of Social Security card
  • Evidence of any disability (document from VA or military)

If USDA loan:

  • For any adults who will live in the house but are not on the loan:
    • Provide name, salary, and SSN
    • If working, provide current paystub and most recent W-2
    • If NOT working, provide signed/dated statement that they are not currently employed and do not intend to seek employment within the next 12 month
  • Homebuyer’s Education online – (If buying in Virginia and credit score is below 660)
    • To meet this requirement:
      • Go to this section of our website:
      • Choose the “First Time Home Buyer Education”
      • Follow the instructions listed on the VHDA website, including printing off the certificate
      • When completed, please send it to me

If Self Employed:

  • Business License
  • Business tax returns – 2 years

If Refinance:

  • Most recent Note, Deed, and HUD-1 from purchase or refinance
  • HELOC documentation – if any
  • Pest inspection if new loan is VA
  • Recent Mortgage statement or invoice
    • If escrows not shown on statement, evidence of amount paid for insurance and taxes (recent invoices or receipts for example)

For Your Current Home(s):

  • Recent Mortgage statement or invoice
    • If escrows not shown on statement, evidence of amount paid for insurance and taxes (recent invoices or receipts for example)
  • Retirement Account Statement – Required for reserves since you’ll own more than one home.
    • Documentation from retirement account showing that 1) funds are vested and 2) you have the ability to access funds if needed.

If recent Bankruptcy or Foreclosure:

  • Bankruptcy discharge document (from Federal court)
  • Foreclosure Deeds for past foreclosures (can be obtained at the county courthouse where the foreclosures occurred).
  • Letter to Integrity Home Mortgage explaining the circumstances surrounding foreclosures and bankruptcy, generally why they happened and assurance that you are in a situation where this will not be repeated.
    • I have attached a SAMPLE of the types of things that might be in this letter. Please change it to make it your own. No NOT just put your name on and sign what is written here

Work related:

  • School transcripts (can be un-official) – since you are a recent graduate
  • Letter signed by your employer indicating that you are able to telecommute or work remotely.

When available we will need:

  • For earnest money check:
    • Copy of the check – you can probably get online from your account
    • Copy of a portion of your account statement showing the check clearing the account and the balance after it clears. Get a “transaction history” online or from your bank showing dates from the last statement you provided until 1 day after this check cleared your account.
  • For 401K withdrawal:
    • Copy of check if they send funds by check / If electronically, evidence of transfer
    • Copy of your bank statement transaction history showing the funds are in your account
    • Copy of new 401K statement which shows funds were removed
  • Closing Disclosure (CD) from the settlement of selling your current home.
    • This can be emailed or faxed directly from the closing attorney to me.
    • It’s entirely possible to do back-to-back closings if you prefer.
    • It’s best to have funds wired directly from the sale of your present home to the closing attorney for the new home. See me for details on this.